Meet Dr. Claudine Kubesh, M.D.

I will spend time with you to identify and address the underlying causes of your condition—not just the symptoms. On occasion a mainstream approach to therapy may be appropriate as a stopgap measure, but it should not be the endpoint.

Dr. Claudine Kubesh, M.D.

Founding Functional Medicine Doctor of Seattle Functional Health

Dr. Claudine Kubesh MD, Functional Medicine Practitioner in Seattle, WA

Your partner in wellness

The health problems you face can finally be understood and improved.

Based on a recent study, 100% of Dr. Claudine Kubesh’s patients have met multiple health goals within the first year of treatment.

My Approach To Functional Medicine Care

Background & Education

I am a trauma trained, internist/Medical Doctor with a functional medicine private practice in Seattle, WA. After graduating from medical school from the University of Minnesota, I completed my residency at the University of Washington and obtained board certification from The American Board of Internal Medicine. I have been practicing in Washington State for more than ten years.


I believe there is more to wellness than taking prescriptions and more to health care than simply treating illness or disease. I seek to help people gain the tools needed to improve their own ability to care for themselves using prevention, wellness programs, and health promotion. By treating the whole person, I empower my patients to take the lead in removing the obstacles that keep them from living the life they desire and having the health and vitality they deserve.

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