Moving Forward In A COVID World

Claudine Kubesh Functional Medicine Doctor COVID-19 Awareness

Written by Claudine Kubesh, M.D.

For over 10 years, our patients have received comprehensive and compassionate care that address their biggest health concerns. With extensive experience in functional medicine and internal medicine, Claudine Kubesh, M.D. listens to your concerns, identifies root causes, and responds proactively to improve and maintain your whole body wellness.

There is no easy answer to what we are living. Even a vaccine is months out and its efficacy and safety uncertain. (They have been trying to find a vaccine against the family of corona viruses since the 80’s). Thinking this is our quick fix is not realistic, nor empowering.

So what can we do? While waiting to see how this unfolds, one thing we can do with certainty is boost our immune system. It has been shown that by reducing inflammation and optimizing our immune system, our body can maximally and more efficiently respond to COVID.

What  2 supplements can enhance my immune system?

The 2 products I like (and take) are GI Immune-colostrum and Collagen. These products  can lower inflammation, boost your immune system and encourage a healthy microbiome. Both of these are easily added to your supplement regiment or morning shake (1 scoop each).

So what else can we do?

The greatest impact on our bodies/health/immune system by far are lifestyle choices. There is no supplement in the world to counteract poor lifestyle choices. To remind myself of these, I call it ‘my daily MEDS:

Movement- you have to exercise for your brain, moods, immune system and your body.

Energy dense foods- low sugar and alcohol, high in prebiotic foods

Detox- reduce toxins and stress

Sleep: there is no pill or supplement that can replace sleep. The immune system repairs in the early hours of the night and going to bed too late, night wakings and restless sleep can greatly compromise our body’s ability to repair and regenerate.

It certainly is a time to be grateful for the little things and to help our body be the healthiest it can. Please let us know if you would like these products. Sam can easily drop ship them to make your life easier. Free shipping until 10.1.20.

To your health and well being.

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