The Benefits of Functional Medicine & Complementary Care: Chiropractic

The Benefits of Functional Medicine & Complementary Care: Chiropractic

Written by Claudine Kubesh, M.D.

For over 10 years, our patients have received comprehensive and compassionate care that address their biggest health concerns. With extensive experience in functional medicine and internal medicine, Claudine Kubesh, M.D. listens to your concerns, identifies root causes, and responds proactively to improve and maintain your whole body wellness.

Feeling tight, stiff, or stuck? Perhaps your treatment plan needs an adjustment.

One natural therapy that pairs seamlessly with functional medicine is chiropractic care. Aside from helping people relieve pain and regain mobility, chiropractic offers a deeper understanding of our root causes of illness and helps us achieve whole-body health.

At Seattle Functional Health, we often team up with Seattle’s best chiropractic doctors to offer our patients a well-rounded route to better health.

If you are in need of immediate chiropractic care, we recommend our friends at Bellevue Chiropractic.

Today we’ll focus on chiropractic care and learn how it can support your functional medicine treatment plan.

Why Use Chiropractic Care with Functional Medicine?

The beauty of functional medicine is that it offers a comprehensive approach to health. Part of being a comprehensive system is teaming up with other holistic health practices, such as chiropractic, to offer patients the most effective route to healing possible.

Chiropractic is a holistic healthcare modality that is best known for adjusting and stimulating the spine and joints. Manual therapies like spinal manipulation, massage, heat therapy, ultrasound, Graston therapy, or other techniques are used to relieve pain and prevent injuries. Like functional medicine doctors, chiropractic doctors also support their patients with diet, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations.

Each patient’s treatment plan is different, but there are several reasons why we might recommend starting chiropractic treatments:

Combining Chiropractic and Functional Medicine may increase health benefits:

While it is famous for treating conditions like low back or neck pain, chiropractic has shown to have a range of benefits outside just pain relief, especially when paired with a comprehensive functional medicine plan. Here are a few of the ways science shows that chiropractic may support functional medicine in restoring the body’s health naturally:

Chiropractic and Functional Medicine address both form and function.

Because chiropractic and functional medicine offer two different, yet complementary routes to healing, they are often used together for better results.

With functional medicine, we are able to address many of the internal and lifestyle issues that cause illness or pain. But sometimes there is a physical or structural issue at play. These structural blockages, or “subluxations,” can prevent proper nerve function, impede healthy blood flow and nerve function throughout the body.

Chiropractic excels at removing these structural issues that cause pain or prevent healing and can be used to enhance our functional medicine treatment plan. While chiropractic manually removes the blockages to correct nerve and organ function, functional medicine offers the tools to heal from within.

Some health issues improve best with a multi-pronged approach.

Functional medicine is a comprehensive medical system, meaning we take all the necessary steps to offer whole-body health. In some cases, this requires a bit of teamwork from other healing therapies to reach our goal.

Pain conditions like low back pain, neck pain, or arthritis may have both structural and internal causes. For instance, in the case of low back pain, research shows that both chiropractic alleviates pain and related symptoms, while functional medicine can address the internal inflammation and help improve the body’s long-term healing process.

Chiropractic and Functional Medicine set the stage for long-term health.

Like functional medicine, chiropractic is a lifestyle medicine. They both use tailored advice and mentorship on healthy habits, nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and more to help patients live an active, healthy life long after injury or illness. In some cases, combining chiropractic with an individualized functional medicine treatment plan can offer a holistic path to a healthier, sustainable future.

Misconceptions About Chiropractic

While chiropractic is becoming more of a mainstream therapy, there are still a few misconceptions about the healing practice. Let’s debunk these common misunderstandings:

Misconception #1: Chiropractic hurts, is bad for your bones, and can be dangerous.

It is easy to see why the thought of spinal manipulations and “cracks” to the joints may feel unsettling to some, especially when in pain. But rest assured, chiropractic care is extremely safe and comfortable in qualified, well-trained hands.

Misconception #2: Chiropractic is not “real” medicine.

Research on chiropractic medicine is ongoing, showing that chiropractic is effective for a range of conditions. Furthermore, chiropractic doctors undergo several years of medical training, are fully licensed to practice, and complete regular continuing education to stay up-to-date in the field.

Misconception #3: Chiropractic care is expensive and you can never quit once you begin.

In reality, a course of chiropractic care is far less costly than surgeries, medications, or other therapies. And while many people do enjoy regular chiropractic care, it is never a requirement. You can still benefit from chiropractic care even if you only complete the recommended course of treatment.

Find Relief with Functional Medicine

At Seattle Functional Health, we are committed to offering the best plan of action for our patients. Are you ready to get started with a comprehensive functional medicine program?

Take the first step to better health and schedule your consultation with Seattle Functional Health!

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