Different Perspective, Real Solutions

Are you feeling frustrated and hopeless about your health? Are you tired of getting prescription after prescription, yet the symptoms never go away? Are your labs normal but you still don’t feel well? Are you overwhelmed with information about health yet unsure how to begin?

Seattle Functional Health is the premier integrative functional medicine center specializing in a 360-degree approach to total wellness. Claudine Kubesh, MD personalized, patient-centric approach in combining both traditional and natural therapies, is the new frontier in modern medicine. Every patient has a tailored program specially designed for their unique health needs which allows for optimal results. Gain control of your health and body today with Seattle Functional Health.

A Personalized Medicine Approach for Your Unique Individual Health

Claudine Kubesh, MD personalized treatment plans to optimal health are a refreshing approach to medicine. Compassionate care combined with expertise knowledge in discovering the root cause of disease allows patients a different perspective with real solutions to their journey to better health. Lab testing, health history, symptoms, and patient goals are all taken into consideration as Dr. Kubesh personalizes a 100% custom program for each of her patients.

Personalized Medicine Programs

Hormone Balance

Gain back control of your body and reinvigorate your mood.

Weight Loss

Shed unwanted pounds with our hormone weight loss approach.


Soothe and calm your digestion system for long-term relief.


Unlock the new approach in preconception and fertility treatments.


Balance an overactive immune system through natural approaches.

Inflammatory Pain

Stop chronic inflammatory pain disorders to regain a sense of relief.

Personalized, Integrative Root Cause Medicine

At Seattle Functional Health, we provide innovative health solutions for patients wanting to regain control of their health and life.

EXCLUSIVE - $349 Hormone Lab Test & Consultation

The $349 Hormone Lab Test & Consultation promo includes a 60+ biomarker lab test, a customized 15-page functional hormone lab report and a consultation with Claudine Kubesh, MD to review your lab results.

*Restrictions May Apply.