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Personalized Medicine Programs

Hormone Balance Program

Are you experiencing chronic fatigue, weight gain, low libido, headaches, and an array of other unwanted symptoms? If so, you might be suffering from a hormone imbalance. With over 50+ types of hormones in the body, when imbalanced, they can decrease overall quality of life. Seattle Functional Health finds the root-cause to hormone imbalances, and curates a treatment program to your specific needs through both natural and traditional bioidentical hormone replacement therapy options.

Weight Loss Program

Gaining 10, 30, and even 100+ lbs. can not only impact one’s health, but it can also affect how we look and feel each day. Weight loss program after weight loss program can provide short-term results, but usually the weight comes back because we are not addressing the underlying cause of what’s causing weight gain in the first place. Seattle Functional Health’s hormone-based weight loss program is a 100% personalized plan developed specifically for you based on hormone lab testing results, symptoms, and health goals. Losing weight has never been so easy because everything is tailored to you.

Digestion Program

Constant bloating, stomach pains, and suffering from IBS symptoms days on end can severely impact our quality of life. Not being able to go out to eat or being afraid of how the next food can trigger a reaction is no way of living. Seattle Functional Health’s digestion program provides a new way in treating GI dysfunction, by addressing the root cause. Through comprehensive lab testing, we will explore how various factors can be contributing to digestive distress. By understanding the root cause, we develop a 100% personalized program specific to you and lab testing results. Living life again, symptom-free, is just on the horizon.

Fertility Program

Fertility is a quickly rising issue that leaves many defeated and depressed. Many doctors tell you to keep trying – or invest in therapies you cannot afford. Has your doctor ever addressed the root-cause to your infertility? Seattle Functional Health utilizes comprehensive lab testing to better understand what might be causing infertility. By combining traditional fertility therapies with root-cause, natural medicine, your fertility concerns can be addressed in a 100% personalized manner.

Autoimmunity Program

Autoimmune conditions can quickly impact quality of life – often leading to digestive disorders, depression, mood imbalances, and more. The immune system becomes overactive and can lead to overall poor health. It’s a never-ending loop – how do you gain control of your health again? Seattle Functional Health’s autoimmunity program combines both traditional and natural therapies to address the root cause of autoimmune disorders. Living life again, symptom-free, is possible with the right solutions. A 100% personalized program is designed for you based on lab testing, symptoms, and goals.

Inflammatory Pain Program

When you hear the word inflammation, does headaches, muscle aches, and joint pain come to mind? Inflammation can stem from nutrient deficiencies, digestive distress, hormone imbalances, and more. When it comes to finding the root-cause of inflammation and pain, Seattle Functional Health deploys comprehensive lab testing to detect the underlying cause. Start getting answers and real solutions to address the inflammatory pain so you can begin living with a sense of relief.

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