Discovering the Root Cause of Disease

A New Perspective in Health

Meet Claudine Kubesh, MD

Wanting to help people feel better and understand their body and its tremendous capacity is part of my purpose. I gravitated towards medicine because of my fascination and awe with the human body. With my traditional training in Internal Medicine at the University of Washington, I learned an incredible understanding of the intricacies of physiology and disease. Further, time spent overseeing trauma in the Harborview ER broadened my perspective and the incredible interventions we can provide at the last minute. Yet as my career unfolded, focusing on disease management, or intervening at the last moment was too narrow of a perspective. I knew the body had more capacity than what this focus allowed.
Using medications to temporize symptoms was a start but my focus: wanting to help people feel better and understand the “why” -the puzzle that makes up someone’s unique health picture -led me to root cause medicine. By addressing the degenerative process underneath the symptoms, that is what I have found truly helps people feel better.
I believe we are all here to do great things, yet this potential is greatly compromised when we do not have our health.

The Personalized, Root Cause Medicine Approach

Integrative Approach

As an integrative medical practice, we take an integrative approach to patient treatments. Combining both traditional and natural therapies, our treatment protocols support maximal patient health outcomes.

Root Cause

Discovering the root cause of disease is the only true path in regaining lifelong health. By addressing what is causing the health issue rather than masking the symptoms, we can identify the problem and provide a long-term fix for the patient’s overall goals.

Personalized Approach

Each patient is unique and so therefore, each treatment protocol is a 100% tailored to the patient. Lab testing, health history, symptoms, and goals are all taken into consideration when designing an innovative treatment program.

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